About UST

What We Do

Reestablishing medical manufacturing in the U.S. is no minor feat and requires a committed team.

We’ve assembled a group of leaders with deep experience in healthcare, customer service, innovation and overall problem-solving.

Our Unique Approach

Producing high-quality goods to compete in a relatively commoditized market is also no simple task.

UST focuses on one key question: “How can it be done better?” – and we answer with a unique, multi-pronged approach.


Enhancing Yields and Capacity with Hi-Speed Production


Elevating Overall Efficiency with Process Improvement


Reducing Unnecessary Labor Needs while Improving Quality


Reducing Environment Impacts with Responsible Manufacturing

American Ingenuity + Next Gen Approach

The Start

United Safety Technology (UST) was formed in 2020 during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic. We focused initial production on N95 respirators, and laid the groundwork for expansion into additional personal protective equipment categories. Our goal: to return high-quality, medical-grade manufacturing to the U.S., while reducing reliance on foreign suppliers.

The Acceleration

After developing a comprehensive production build-out strategy, UST won a Department of Defense contract to expand capabilities for nitrile exam glove manufacturing. The company was awarded a $96.1 million grant to increase domestic production of nitrile gloves by 375 million units per month to strengthen the overall US supply chain.

The Next Phase

In early 2022, UST began the renovation of an abandoned Bethlehem Steel facility in Sparrows Point just outside of Baltimore, MD. Within the very footprint of a historic American manufacturer, our next phase will bring critical production capabilities back to the U.S. while potentially generating $350 million in investment and the creation of up to 2,000 jobs.