United Safety Technology

Protecting Today.
Prepared for Tomorrow.

We are leading the efforts to reshore the manufacturing of critical medical supplies to the U.S.

Our Mission

UST is bringing back the manufacturing of lifesaving PPE products to our own shores. We deliver superior quality and dependable access to the products that protect those who protect us.

Our Focus

Nitrile Gloves – that’s what we do. These gloves are the first line of defense for medical professionals, food service workers and employees across a multitude of industries. UST is delivering:

Top-quality nitrile gloves for medical & industrial

Customer-led innovation

Next-generation manufacturing automation

Socially responsible production practices

Our Expertise

It starts with the right team. We know the pain points of healthcare and PPE – we have been on the front lines and in the trenches. Our leadership provides:

Industry-leading manufacturing experience

Healthcare product and distribution leadership

Commitment to domestic production & job creation

Our Growing Team

We’re bringing an exciting vision to life, and it takes a team effort. We are continually looking for teammates who can help us move both farther and faster. UST offers:

Competitive compensation for all roles

Comprehensive healthcare and insurance options

Paid time-off and Employer paid short-term disability

401K with Employer Matching

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